Vodafone Bicing reaches 100 million trips

This is the first bike sharing service to reach this figure statewide

Vodafone Bicing service, which has just celebrated the 8th anniversary, has reached 100 million trips since it was established in Barcelona in March 2007, becoming the first bike sharing service to reach this figure in the whole state. The trip number 100 million took place on 4 May at 15: 30h, when the user Francisco Alvarez left the bike at the station 75, located at Avinguda Josep Tarradellas. In recognition of that, Bicing has given the user a check valid for two years of free subscription to the service.

Play with our new app

The service has launched a new mobile app based on gamification. The app assesses the trips of every user and quantifies this three parameters: saved grams of C02, burned calories, and the level of happiness, equivalent to the level of endorphins released after making a health activity. For each trip, according to these three variables, and depending on the type of trip (up or down, longer or shorter, etc.) the game gives points to each player, which are changeable for various gifts.

 For more information, please contact comunicacio[at]bsmsa[dot]cat


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