Vodafone sponsors Bicing

Vodafone will become the exclusive sponsor of Bicing from April 1st 

The agreement will last for 3 three years and it is expected that Vodafone and Barcelona City Council collaborate in order to develop apps to improve the user experience using the service.

Vodafone will become the exclusive sponsor of Bicing from April 1st according to the agreement signed by Barcelona de Serveis Municipals, Vodafone and Clear Channel, the contractor company of the bicycle sharing system. This agreement will last for three years and will rename Bicing as "Vodafone Bicing"

With this sponsorship Bicing undertakes to insert Vodafone’s brand and logo in the multiple available spaces of the service such as bicycle’s mud guards and in the stations, in the structure itself as well as in the interactional screen. Vodafone will also be present in the vehicles and in the clothing of the maintenance and replacement staff

Vodafone will be present in Bicing’s internet channels, the web and social networks, where both brands will cooperate launching shared actions. In addition, the official mobile app will be modified so Vodafone will be present too and the subscriber cards will be redesign in order to include the sponsor.

Incorporation of advanced services

The agreement expresses the wish of all parts to contribute on making urban space more liveable. Bicing will include advanced services of mobile telephony. Añso, Vodafone will develop and implement different technological solutions to provide greater added value to the service. In this sense, there will be work on introducing NFC technology, through Vodafone Wallet, in order to activate the service. Also, work is in enrich Bicing app with new functionalities, such as offer relative information to the service, distance made, average speed, CO2 saved, ...  

Furthermore, Vodafone also takes the compromise of serving telecommunications service associated to the Bicing telephone line 900.31.55.31.

1.2 million Euros

Vodafone will provide the amount of 1.200.000€ during the first year of the sponsorship. In total, over the three years that this contract lasts, Vodafone will provide to the service more than 4 million euros.

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Vodafone Spain

Vodafone Spain is part of Vodafone Group, one the biggest telecommunications companies over the world by incomes and presence in 30 countries on the 5 continents, and with agreements with another 50 countries in the world. Vodafone provides a huge range of services including data and voice communications to 404 million customers. More than 14.396.000 customers of Vodafone Spain take benefit of the expertise and capability of this worldwide leader company. More information at: www.vodafone.es

Clear Channel

Clear Channel Spain, affiliate of Clear Channel International, is a communication and advertising company with presence in 45 provinces and in the top Spanish cities. The company is committed to innovation, technology and creativity, offering communications solutions in order to satisfy and surprise the customer demands. It is, however, pathfinder in the implementation and maintenance of PLAY digital supports, and also offers the citizens bike sharing systems as Bicing, in Barcelona and Bizi in Zaragoza, with more than 135.000 subscribers between both. 


Bicing is the bike sharing system of Barcelona, inaugurated in 2007. It is an easy, healthy, sustainable service, concerned about the environment and it is the perfect complement to the traditional public transport in the city. Bicing serves nearly 100.000 subscribers currently and has 420 stations spread throughout Barcelona, with a fleet of 6.000 bicycles. Because of its good service to the city, Bicing is rated as one of the best and most valued bike sharing system in the world due to its high ranks of efficiency.


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