We commemorate the 50th anniversary of International Earth Day

On a day like today in 1970, senator and activist Gaylord Nelson mobilized several U.S. colleges, universities and communities and suggested the creation of an environmental protection agency and different laws to promote the conservation of the planet. Since then, every year on April 22, this day has been celebrated around the world with activities to raise awareness of the environmental responsibility that we must assume towards the Earth. Therefore, we want to emphasize the importance of electric mobility as a part of our actions towards caring for environment.

As a sustainable alternative mode of transport, electric mobility allows us to reduce CO2 emissions in our cities, which are directly related to the global warming of the Earth. By using electric vehicles, we can contribute to improving the quality of the air we breathe and protect our city from pollution.

So, on a day like today, we want to remind you that Endolla Barcelona contributes with electromobility services, offering you a wide network of recharging points for your electric vehicle in the city.
Endolla Barcelona with sustainable mobility!


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