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Fòrum was turned into a STEAM experimental centre for over 2,000 compulsory secondary education and sixth-form pupils

The students were able to experiment with different activities and acquire knowledge about various subjects, including Biology, Chemistry, Physics,...

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CREA Awards, recognising the commitment and proactivity of B:SM workers

El primer Tinent d’Alcaldia i President de B:SM, Jaume Collboni, ha fet entrega dels premis a les idees guanyadores

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Barcelona promotes scientific vocations, turning the Fòrum, the Lluís Companys Olympic Stadium and Tibidabo into gigantic laboratories for 6,000 adolescents

6.000 alumnes des de 2n d’ESO a Batxillerat participaran aquest curs en la iniciativa que situarà Barcelona com a referent educatiu i la convertiran...

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The smou app is growing rapidly as it celebrates its first anniversary

Services it offers include making payments for regulated parking in Barcelona and part of the Metropolitan Area, automatic entry to B:SM car parks and...

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Barcelona Establishes Itself as a Smart City Leader in Japan

The international manager of Barcelona Municipal Services (BSM), Lluís Gómez, formed part of the delegation representing the city that was sent to...

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