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L’avió del Tibidabo fa 90 anys

És una rèplica del primer avió que va fer el trajecte Madrid-Barcelona, i conserva elements originals

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Bicing arriba a un acord amb l’empresa carsharing Drivy

Els usuaris de Bicing que comparteixin el seu vehicle gaudiran del seu abonament de manera gratuïta

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Tibidabo gets ready for autumn with all new activities

This weekend, the eighth edition of the traditional Puppet Show kicks off and we celebrate the 90th anniversary of the Airplane ride

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The Zoo celebrates the ‘Day with Most Heart’

On Saturday the 15th, this charity day will be held that is dedicated to children's heart diseases

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Tibidabo launches new guided tours of the Automaton Museum

Visitors can enter the repair shop and open the automaton display cases, some dating back to the 19th century, to see their inner workings

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