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Music and magic at Tibidabo

On Sunday 22 there will be a charity concert performed by the Vozes school, which works towards social integration through music

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Fourth "Corresponsable" in the “Transpirenaica” Social Solidarity walk

David Mas, of the Civic Officers, has walked 40.8 kilometres between the Puigmal ski resort and Beget

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Tibidabo nominated for best amusement park at the 2018 PAC Awards

Hotel Krueger is also nominated for best Halloween event

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Barcelona Zoo celebrates the first World Chimpanzee Day in support of the conservation of the species

The Zoo wants to raise awareness about the problems facing the species, which is critically endangered, their natural habitat and the need to protect...

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Tibidabo holds a charity festival in support of healthy eye care

The event is organised in partnership with the Ramon Martí i Bonet Foundation and aims to raise funds for the project "Vision For All in Catalonia"

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