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The Olympic Ring offers up sport, culture and entertainment to locals

Tothom qui vulgui podrà anar a entrenar a la pista de l’Estadi Olímpic Lluís Companys dintre del projecte “Vine a córrer a l’Estadi”

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New Laser show at Tibidabo

It will take place at the Park every night in August

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Barcelona’s “Visualitzadors” work towards zero tolerance on illegal tourist accommodation

Their work has seen the number of unlicensed online ads reduce by 70%

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Tibidabo among the winners at the Traveller’s Choice Awards 2018

The award is given out by TripAdvisor every year from the millions of comments registered on the website

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The last “Corresponsable” team member joins the “Transpirenaica” Social Solidarity walk

David Alcodori, of the People department, has walked the 43 kilometres between Beget and Besalú

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