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Google Street View offers a virtual tour of the Barcelona Zoo

The Google Maps panoramic contents service has recently updated its images of the Zoo and, starting today, it will have a virtual tour of the main...

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The new Zoo Club and visitor customer service space now open

The design of the building has heeded efficiency criteria, as well as ergonomic factors both for employees and visitors

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The Zoo welcomes a male De Brazza’s monkey from the European Endangered Species Programme

The De Brazza’s monkey is a small African primate with a distinctive white beard

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Environmental enrichment for the animals with old Christmas trees and plant pruning waste

The Zoo is in the midst of its annual pruning campaign, with plans to prune 101 trees and 44 palms before 15 March

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Repair works have started at the Park Güell entrance on Baixada de La Glòria

The works will landscape a significant sized space located over the access stairs and are are planned to take, approximately, four months

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