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The horse named Olympic starts to ride at Tibidabo

In homage to the 25th anniversary of the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games, the horse Olympic will be at the Tibidabo Fun Fair until 16 July

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The Barcelona Zoo promotes a campaign to change the dictionary definition of ‘zoo’

Motto-hashtag for this action: Because our Zoo and what the dictionary says are not the same, #WeAreChangingTheDefinitionOfZoo

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Parking metre enforcement officers will be considered authorities for legal defence purposes

Barcelona is the first city in Spain to approve recognition of the authority of parking enforcement officers

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Barcelona launches the civic officers service at the Montjuïc Fountains and at Turó de la Rovira

A squad of 14 civic officers has been activated from June to September, which will regulate the flow of visitors when there are shows at the Montjuïc...

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The Tibidabo Airplane flies high over Barcelona again

The iconic Airplane at the Tibidabo Theme Park is flying high again, after five months of restoration

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