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Marta Labata Salvador, new managing director of Barcelona de Serveis Municipals (B:SM)

Marta Labata Salvador replaces Ignasi Armengol Villà, at the head of management of the municipal company B:SM. Mr Villà is leaving the post to pursue...

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Six Dorcas gazelles born at Zoo, 10 years after first reintroduction of these animals in Senegal

The Zoo works for the fauna of the Sahel and participates in repopulating the Dorcas gazelle (Gazella dorcas osiris)

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Tibidabo asks citizens to contribute with graphic materials for a new documentary on its history

The campaign to select the best images and videos of visitors' experiences at the park will be open until 31 May

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Barcelona de Serveis Municipals publishes its 2016 Sustainability Report

The report is an annual summary of the company’s lines of business and is part of the transparency requirement taken on by B:SM

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Barcelona Zoo holds the 25th anniversary celebration of the ONCE’s guide dogs

An exhibition explains the different training phases fot the dogs to become a seeing-eye dog

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