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Els usuaris puntuen amb un 7,5 l’estació d’Autobusos Barcelona Nord

Representa una millora de 0,3 punts respecte de l’any passat i es manté el bon nivell assolit en els últims anys

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Rearrangement of the touristic bus stops in Ciutat Vella

Reorganization is aimed to optimize existing stops and to create new ones, in order to preserve the historic centre and to disperse tourist pressure

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VIP Corporate, a new experience Palau Sant Jordi

The new VIP pass, aimed at business, will permit their customers to enjoy the concerts with various exclusive benefits

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ApparkB has been consolidated in its first year of existence

An outreach campaign has started today with the aim of reaching as many people as possible, to make them easier to park their cars in Barcelona

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Barcelona City Council extends green AREA in Sant Marti: 287 spaces for residents-only

The AREA is operational from today on, once signposting tasks are finished

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