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A sooty mangabey is born at the Barcelona Zoo

This birth confirms the success of the European Endangered Programmeme for the preservation and reproduction of this specie, which is coordinated in...

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Nota sobre la redifusió de notícies falses sobre el Zoo de Barcelona

S'ha tornat a difondre una notícia falsa de l'any 2012 sobre l'estat de les instal·lacions del Zoo.

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Barcelona Nord Bus Station to save 40% of energy consumption due to geothermal technology

Geothermal energy is obtained making the most of the thermal stability of the subsoil, which become a seasonal heat store

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2.3 million visitors at the Park Güell the first year of regulation of the Monumental Zone

The ordinance has reduced the number of 9 million tourists from 2013, and has allowed to progress in order to solve the challenges of sustainability...

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Barcelona inicia el pla pilot del Bicing elèctric

1.500 usuaris es beneficaran gratuïtament del servei durant la fase BETA

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