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The Ciutadella, first scientific park in Barcelona, Conference series that reflects on the future of the park as a place of science

The conferences bring outstanding personalities from culture and science sphere as Gilles Boeuf, Morten Meldgaard, Gerlad Dick y Ismail Serageldin to...

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Barcelona Zoo Foundation creates a Crowdfunding initiative

It will allocate individual small grants to different projects the Foundation is working on

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New green AREA, preferential for residents, with 691 parking spaces at La Marina del Port

Signposting tasks start today in order to set up the AREA, which is espected to be operational on June 26th

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El Tibidabo celebra la V Festa “Uncopdemà”

La festa, organitzada per la Fundació Real Dreams i el Tibidabo, té com a objectiu sensibilitzar i donar a conèixer a les famílies de Barcelona les...

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Tibidabo looks for a new mascot with the help of UNICEF

Everybody can submit their mascot proposals, which will have to represent the values towards children Tibidabo and UNICEF share

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