Quality and Environmental Policy B:SM Olympic Ring

The  Olympic  Ring  Division  of  B:SM  (Barcelona  Municipal  Services),  the  administrator  of  the emblematic leisure  spaces  and  equipment  of the  Olympic Ring,  where a wide  variety  of leisure activities are offered, has adopted an integrated administration system  with the purpose of offering the highest quality services with respect for the environment in the facilities  of the Palau Sant Jordi, Lluís Companys Olympic Stadium and Olympic Esplanade.

B:SM Olympic Ring wishes to offer the followinq

... to citizens; a cultural,  fun and didactic entertainment offering, in facilities which are in perfect condition, for them to enjoy a highly satisfactory experience, which must inevitably lead to the desire to repeat.

... to the organizers and promoters of events; facilities managed by an administration team with a service vocation, focused on offering the best spaces  for the safe and successful staging of their events.

... suitable protection for the environment, so that both the continuous staging of grand events and the regular use of the facilities may be carried out with respect for the environment, while applying the most appropriate measures of sustainability in each case.

In order to achieve these objectives, B:SM Olympic Ring undertakes the following:

To focus the integrated quality and environmental system on continuous improvement, while establishing annual goals within the framework of the disciplines mentioned.

To comply with current legislation and any commitments assumed by the company.

To manage the activity of B:SM in the Olympic Ring with criteria of efficiency and sustainability:

  • To make a rational use of resources (water, energy and fuels), while seeking the efficiency of the same.
  • To provide efficient and suitable waste management and to seek options leading to the mínimum generation possible.

To keep the environmental impact associated with multitudinous events staged in the different enclosures to a mínimum, applying measures to prevent contamination.

To involve all of the collaborators of the company, both their own and externa! third parties, for them to comply with environmental and quality rules established by B:SM Olympic Ring.

To promote interna! and externa! communication, making this policy form part of the culture of the company at all levels and integrating it in the daily administration of the facilities and services of B:SM Olympic Ring. 

To achieve this, we have the following:

  • Integral assistance services for the organization of events held by the different Promoters.
  • Specific action protocols and prevention and safety policies to keep risk management to a minimum.
  • A professional team with a clearly client-focused vocation, with multiple channels of communication with the Agents involved in the management, with the purpose of continuously improving any management processes. 

Collaborate with us and help us to improve

All of us are called upon, with our civic and responsible attitude, to collaborate in the correct usage of the facilities and spaces and also to participate in the continuous improvement of the services that we offer, which contribute to the improvement of the quality of life in Barcelona.

We have claims forms available on client request in our facilities. All claims shall be replied to in writing within 15 working days as from reception.

Your contributions help us to improve. Piease use the suggestions sheets or contact us at the e-mail addresses palausantjordi[at]bsmsa[dot]cat and estadiolimpic[at]bsmsa[dot]cat, at the telephone number 93 426 20 89, or via the IRIS application of the Town Council of Barcelona.

6 March 2014

Ignasi Armengol i Villà
Managing Director
Barcelona de Serveis Municipals, S.A.

Quality and Environmental Policy B:SM Olympic Ring
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