Prizes and awards

Barcelona, finalist at the EPA Awards 2017

The User Information System (UIS), the Predictive Parking Tool for predicting the availability of rotational parking spaces in blue zones, which uses the ApparkB app, has been recognised by the European Parking Association (EPA) in being shortlisted as a finalist in the On-Street Parking Projects category at the European Parking Awards 2017.

The awards ceremony took place during the 18th EPA Congress in Rotterdam, between 20 and 22 September. Along with this project, submitted by Barcelona Serveis Municipals, S.A., other candidates for the best on-street parking project were the Italian city of Castel Gandolfo and the Dutch city of Amsterdam.

2016 CRC Gold Awards for Customer Service

These awards are organized by AEERC, "Spanish Association of Experts in Customer Relationship". The mission of the AEERC is to professionalize the activity, by means of promotion and dissemination of information, knowledge and experiences among the professionals and companies that define the client relationship activity.

The awards are granted, with a consolidated and objective methodology based on audits, in three participation categories: client companies, outsourcers and technology manufacturers, with figures that confirm the growing concern of the market to offer excellent services to customers.

B:SM has been awarded for the category "Best multi-channel project" for the start-up of a new customer service office (Calabria, 66), which unifies the customer services of the company's different businesses and allows a multi-channel customer experience (telephone, face-to-face and written). A model that has, as key element, the versatility of its staff, both in its channels as in its activity.  

Talent Mobility Awards

Consultant Lee Hetch Harrison mentions B:SM in the Talent Mobility Awards

"Professional Roadmaps" and "Talent Circuits" are two projects that have been created to assist employees of the company in their professional and personal development. Eighteen Jobs were described and 10 online and attended training courses with a total of 297 places have been made available in: office technology, languages and skills improvement.

The promotion of the roadmaps in the organisation was made public on 1 February, and the response was high within a few days: more tan 250 workers enrolled in the courses, with more than 400 registrations. Our People Management Department tracks the roadmaps with each employee involved.

On 30 June, Lee Hetch Harrison, a leading talent management consultant, gave B:SM a special mention in the second edition of the Talent Mobility Awards for the "Professional Roadmaps" and "Talent Circuits" projects.

B:SM receives the Atlante prize in recognition of its work for occupational health and safety

Barcelona de Serveis Municipals (B:SM) received a Special Mention at the 7th Edition of the Atlante Prizes held on 19 November 2014, awarded by Spain's Ministry for Public Works, in recognition of its work out for occupational health and safety.

B:SM took part in two projects: the introduction of QR codes in the Zoo, to provide information on health and safety at its facilities and training on Re-evaluating hazardous situations for Regulated Parking staff.

B:SM receives the Telefónica Ability Awards prize

The prize is given in recognition of private and public organisations in Spain that develop sustainable business models for including people with disabilities, whether they are employees, providers or clients. It is also given in recognition of good practices in accessibility, selection, training, health and safety and the development of products and/or services aimed at people with disabilities. B:SM was chosen from among 50 Ability companies, winning second prize in the “Health and Safety and Retention” category.

The Zoo and Park Güell receive the TripAdvisor certificate of excellence

This certificate was awarded in recognition of the good evaluation and large number of positive comments made by users of the Park Güell website while Barcelona Zoo received the certificate of excellence for 2014 for its TripAdvisor website, given the good evaluation and the quality of comments and opinions that the website's users made during the last year. The website therefore awarded its prize to the Zoo and Park Güell and put them down on its list of Barcelona's best attractions.

In addition, Park Güell also received the Traveller’s Choice Award as a major venue in the parks category, ranking it as one of the best parks in Europe. These prizes take account of the millions of comments that are received on the TripAdvisor website and which are filtered through an algorithm which measures the quality of all the comments over a 12-month period and which recognised Park Güell as the best-rated park in Europe with the highest number of comments. 

TripAdvisor is a travel-themed social website with the largest online community, with 41 countries on board and some 260 million in one month alone and over 150 million comments.

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