B:SM facilities generate wastes that are both special and not special. B:SM’s domestic waste is managed by municipal collection and the rest are controlled and managed by other authorised managers.

Waste indicators

The main waste generation point at B:SM is, by a broad margin, the Zoo, as the activities done there are similar to that of a small village. It is responsible for 90% of B:SM’s wastes, 90% of which are recycled.

The refuse percentage was reduced by more than 13% at the Zoo

The Zoo has been recycling for many years, but the efforts to increase recycling are obvious when looking at the figures carefully. In 2015 it had the lowest value for refuse collection and, furthermore, it achieved the highest recycling percentage for all the years for which we have information.



The collection of domestic recycling (lightweight containers, paper and cardboard, glass and refuse) was done by municipal management in all divisions. The associated quantities are not always available, as they are incorporated within the municipal volume collected. For this reason, the data above do not consider domestic waste of containers, paper, glass and refuse.




GRI References: G4-EN23

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