The water we consume

Water consumption is used to cover sanitary, cleaning and irrigation services at B:SM. We have an outsourced energy and water manager that monitors and advises on consumptions and supplies. At B:SM, 99.23% of consumption comes from the mains and is measured by metres. There is a small groundwater consumption at the Olympic Ring, which is used for watering the grass at the stadium, 14% of this division’s consumption. Consumption data in recent years are:

Due to the characteristics of the grounds of the Barcelona Zoo, as observed, it is the main water consumer at the company. This consumption, according to the 2012 study conducted by the manager, is distributed by uses, such as: refilling water in ponds and lakes (30%), cleaning tasks (18%), watering system  (9%), sanitary water in the changing rooms and toilets (5%), restaurant services and the animals’ consumption (1%). The remaining 37% is losses in the distribution network of underground pipelines, lakes and ponds, a fact that makes inter-annual consumption vary greatly. It merits mention that the Zoo’s annual consumption has a clear seasonal behaviour, with the highest peak in summer, as many of the activities that involve significant water use have a higher frequency during the summertime.

The increase in consumption at the Zoo is due to the new water use requirements at the new facilities, both with regard to cleaning and the lakes added to them. However, we are analysing data on this large increase, because it could be due to invisible leaks and we want to resolve it.


GRI References: G4-EN8, G4-EN22

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