Barcelona de Serveis Municipals (B:SM) is a public company of the Barcelona City Council that was created in 2002 with the aim of unifying the provision of municipal services in a single company. At present, the endeavours that B:SM manages are varied and range from mobility related activities to leading entertainment and leisure venues.

The company is organised according to this scheme:

The highest company decision taking body is the Board of Directors, chaired by the first deputy mayor, Gerardo Pisarello. The board is comprised of Ignasi Armengol, managing director of B:SM and other members who in turn may be members of the Municipal Council of the Barcelona City Council, the company's sole shareholder.

The Steering Committee is headed by the managing director and is made up of two deputy general directors, divisional directors and the directors of shared and corporate services. There is also a Coordination Committee, which reports directly to senior management, along with the two deputy general directors.

The activities we manage are:

  • Construction and management of municipal car parks
  • Regulation of surface parking (AREA)
  • Civic officers
  • Municipal towing service
  • Management of coach stations (Barcelona Nord and Fabra i Puig)
  • Bicing
  • Management of the Olympic Stadium, the Palau Sant Jordi and the Olympic Esplanade
  • Barcelona Musical Theatre
  • Management of the Forum grounds
  • Coordination of Montjuïc Park
  • Management of Park Güell




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