Company-personal relations

One significant stakeholder group to B:SM is its employees and, consequently, their company representatives that, in the scope of labour relations, are essential. For this reason, we foster spaces for constant dialogue with the workers’ representatives. This year there were 106 meetings with union representatives.

The most relevant topics that arose in these meetings and became material to analyse in the significant issues for employees were: the return of the 2012 bonus payment (personnel affected by Royal Decree Law 20/2012), internal promotions and the working and holiday calendars. With respect to the bonus payment, agreements for repayment were agreed with the affected personnel. With regard to the work calendars, they were all approved in the pertinent meetings.

The highest body for participation and dialogue between B:SM’s employees and management is the Workers Council. The company has a representative appointed to this end and there are regular meetings held with the employees’ representatives.

There are two committees, one for B:SM and another for the Zoo business unit. Both are selected by universal suffrage, free, secret and direct every four years by personnel. This year elections were held to designate the workers’ representatives both at B:SM and at the Zoo unit and, on 31 December 2015, they were comprised as follows:

  • There are also other bodies at B:SM with workers’ representatives, for example:

    Training Commission, Variable Remuneration Commission, Health and Safety Committee, Cultural and Recreational Activities Commission, Equality Commission, AREA Commission, Tow Truck Commission, Car Park Commission, Management and Oversight Commission, Equality Plan Commission, Pension Plans Commission and Safety Commissions at AREA, Tow Trucks and Car Parks. 

  • And at the Zoo:

    Variable Remuneration Commission, Health and Safety Committee, Monitoring Commission, Equality Plan Commission and the Equality Commission.

The personnel covered by the B:SM Collective Bargaining Agreement is 80.68% of the company, and by the Zoo Agreement, 11.99%. The tables below depict the distribution by gender and the comparison by years:


Reconciliation improvements

All company personnel have, as included in the Agreement, improvements for family and woek life reconciliation such as paid leaves to take care of children or family members, continuous workdays, reduction of grace workdays for personnel with intensive workdays a few days, choice of base centre/region, specific shifts to contribute to reconciliation, etc.

Financial aid

There are advantages such as financial aids available for birthdays, school and personnel with children with disabilities, unpaid leave days for personal issues, complement for disease or accident (100% salary), accident insurance, financial aid fund, advance payments, payment of car parks in the B:SM network, 50% short stay and 35% permit, a commemorative gift for personnel who retire at 65 years of age and discounts and/or one-time offers on the Employee Portal.



For permanent company employees, B:SM pays 100% of a basic health policy that includes consultations and x-rays. In addition, personnel can expand the policy to a complete one and add family members. Personnel who, due to their health or worksite, require orthopaedic materials or special footwear, receive compensation from the company. Temporary personnel have the possibility of joining the pension plan in the B:SM occupation system.

  • Concretely, personnel in the B:SM agreement have: 

    • Special prices for permits at the car parks in the network
    • 50% discount for short term stays in the car parks in the network
    • Funds for recreational activities
    • Renewal of driver’s license
    • Dining room subsidised for Olympic Ring personnel




  • By agreement, Zoo personnel have: 

    • Reduction of pre-holiday workdays of two hours on 24/12 and 31/12 and end of workday at 2 pm. Summer schools at the Zoo for children of company staff.
    • Payment of summer schools.
    • Bonus for marriage or birth.
    • Aid for eyeglasses, insoles, etc.
    • One-week paid leave for personnel who have worked continuously at the company for 25 years and aid for study travel and training, provided that it is useful to the company.




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