Occupational health and safety

The B:SM Prevention Service—operative since 2002—centres on its objectives to improve the working conditions of all people who are part of the company, with the clear desire to try to surpass strictly legal requirements.

At B:SM we draft a commitment charter that defines and unifies the prevention policy and establishes the service and quality criteria on occupational health and safety. The basics of a prevention culture are implemented in each division, so that the foundations of prevention are established with a premise to bear in mind in all company areas.

The prevention service makes its prevention criteria and concepts available to all company employees, as well as the action processes or guides that are created over time.

Occupational accidents and absenteeism rates

The prevention service takes the steps required to report all workplace accidents to the Department of Labour, complying with the established terms. During 2015, we handled the documentary and administrative processes for 117 accidents with leave, 62 accidents without leave, 43 in itinere accidents, with no fatalities occurring,

In 2015, the absenteeism rate due to accidents was 1.25%, which is why one of our 2016 objectives is to obtain values below 1%.

Absenteeism, which encompasses accidents, disease, maternity and paternity leaves, is represented in the charts below.


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