Letter from the director

It is a pleasure for me to introduce the 2015 edition of the Sustainability Report of Barcelona de Serveis Municipals. This has been a year replete with change for B:SM, the most visible of which was moving to our new offices on Carrer Calàbria. In bringing us all together into a single space, we have created better working dynamics among the different employees who work at B:SM and have improved communications and efficacy. This has led to us achieving even more optimal results in our functions, which are then reflected in the service that we provide to citizens.

And it is in this field where another notable change took place: the creation of the new Customer Service Department. The new headquarters has given us the opportunity to build a centralised customer service department, making us much closer and more available to citizens, who now have a clear reference point for carrying out the processes and procedures necessary for any of the services offered by B:SM. Following this line of proximity to citizens, civic officers have been deployed throughout the city, professionals who patrol to ensure harmonious coexistence in public spaces. 

The service vocation that defines B:SM and the Barcelona City Council, as the highest responsible body, has sustainability as a guiding principle. The start-up of geothermal heating at the Barcelona Nord Coach Station, the electrification of the AREA vehicle fleet and car parks, the consolidation of the electric Bicing pilot tests, and the ISO 14001 certificate for environmental management at Tibidabo all make our commitment clear. In addition, the spirit of innovation is clearly visible in the transformation processes applied to citizens’ needs for all of these projects.

Another significant change in the organisational structure of B:SM also merits mention: the creation of the new Governance and Transparency Department, which represents another leap forward in the commitment taken on by B:SM to uphold rigorous open management. The mission of the new department is to ensure good governance practices and guarantee and increase, from here on out, the company’s transparency in all areas, in accordance with the strict lines set by the City Council in this field.


GRI references: G4-1

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