Municipal car parks

The municipal car park network belongs to the Parking Division, which works with the mission of contributing to better mobility in Barcelona, through efficient, quality and avant-garde management of the services for which it is responsible, offering our experience to the City Council and providing resources to B:SM.



  • 2015 achievements

    The progress made on the challenges outlined for 2015 was:

    Develop a mobile application for car parks. Although there is interest in creating a mobile app, the project was not developed, and it is planned as a challenge to achieve in 2016. Installing a new vehicle guidance system. The new guidance systems to spaces within the car parks were not installed in 2015, although we continue to believe that the guidance system is a necessary tool for car park users. For this reason, we have kept it among our goals for 2016 and it will become more widespread in later financial years, until all the car parks in the network are equipped with this system.

    Implement a new system for using printer toners and digitising procedures with the aim of reducing paper use. The project was started with implementation at the head offices, and will be extended to all other facilities during 2016.

    Keep increasing the electric vehicle fleet. There is a plan to progressively replace up to 60 motorbikes through 2019. The replacement will be handled via a renting tender with a four year term.


    The car park at Guinardó Market is up and running, located at Carrer   Teodor Llorente number 10.

    The new car park has a total area of 4434 m2 and 140 spaces for cars, including 4 for people with reduced mobility, 43 for motorbikes/scooters, 10 for bicycles and 4 spaces with plugs for electric vehicles. It also services other establishments and facilities in the area, such as the Guinardó Primary Care Clinic.

2016 challenges

The challenges we have set ourselves for 2016 are:

Increase the electric vehicle fleet by at least two units.

Increase the number of charging points for electric vehicles throughout the city.

Open new car parks: Travessera de Dalt, under Park Güell, Sant Antoni Market and others.

Launch a new mobile app for the car park unit, which includes more functions and innovation.

Consolidate online sales of services via the website.

Improve positioning on the website and on social networks as a meeting and connection point with citizens.

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