Olympic Ring

The Olympic Ring division has the mission of contributing to the invigoration and promotion of Barcelona, managing multipurpose facilities and offering citizens high quality performances and shows and promoters the best option for holding their events. In order to be international benchmarks in the management of multipurpose facilities, strengthening the operating model of Barcelona’s Olympic facilities and making them a source of pride to its citizens and those working at them.

  • 2015 achievements

    Increase revenues per event. We must point out that we roundly surpassed forecasts this year due to an increased number of events. Over 35 national and international artists chose to perform at the Olympic Ring facilities in 2015.

    Keep obtaining new sponsors.

    New proposals were created and bids were made that were not established in the 2015 financial year.

    Position the website, achieve high numbers of hits and publish the new websites for the Sant Jordi Club and the Olympic Stadium. The number of visitors to the website of the Palau Sant Jordi was strengthened, and the new websites of the Sant Jordi Club and the Olympic Stadium are active.

    Improve the facilities and spaces, seeking better environmental efficiency. Outside signposting and controls at entrances have been improved. New earth and blackout were installed at the Sant Jordi Club and, in order to improve energy efficiency, the fluorescent light projector was changed on the floor, as well as the lighting of the stands for LED lights.

    Finish the project of creating a mobile app. Using the experience and the data obtained from the new website, the mobile app project was redefined and will be implemented in 2016.

  • 1,085,000 visitors to the Former Marathon Gate at the Olympic Stadium

    836,138 spectators at Olympic Ring events.

    At the Stadium: AC/DC, Monster Jam, the Festa dels Súpers.

    At the Palau Sant Jordi: Katy Perry, Disney On Ice, Trial Enduro Indoor, Robbie Williams, Dansa Ara, Joaquin Sabina, Biocultura Fair, Pablo Alborán, Maroon 5, Maná, Alejandro Sanz,  U2, Madonna, Estopa, Dirt Track.

    At the Sant Jordi Club: Gaudí Awards, Vetusta Morla, Els Catarres, Roxette, Txarango, Izal, Gemeliers.


In accordance with the division’s strategic line of managing the Olympic Ring facilities with the aim of achieving economic balance, we would like to stress that we broadly exceeded forecasts this year because of the increased number of events and the revenues stemming from them. The proactive sales focus can be added to the seal of quality and guarantee of organisational success of the spaces and services we offer.


The impeccable management of operations is essential for guaranteeing the holding of events, resource optimisation and facility management and maintenance. The Olympic Ring adds its commitment to being sustainable facilities to its day-to-day management work, having an impact on environmental issues and integrating them every day and also during events. The maximisation of recycling and waste reduction have been strong points of 2015. As an example, different pilot tests have been successfully conducted on the use of reusable glasses.


The strengthening of internal communications as a tool for information and training has led to the increased commitment level of personnel working at the Olympic Ring, as well as external collaborators and suppliers. These actions have a positive impact on business knowledge and foster connection and dialogue among all people involved in the daily running of these spaces.

2016 challenges

The challenges we plan for 2016 are:

Achieve the financial targets for the facility established in the annual budget for the Olympic Ring.

Implement the improvement projects for the facilities and spaces, seeking greater environmental efficiency. Install flooring in the Palau Sant Jordi, remodel the toilets, decorative lighting, tanks and curtains.

Implement efficiency processes in operations.

Maximise recycling.

Launch the Palau Sant Jordi mobile app. The new application will provide user-friendly fast and permanent information on the Ring’s activities and services.

Achieve SEO positioning and increase followers on social networks. Increase the sale of online tickets and followers on social networks for the facilities.

Search for new sponsors and official products.ar els seguidors a les xarxes socials. Incrementar la venda d'entrades online i els seguidors dels Social media de les instal·lacions.

Cercar nous patrocinis i productes oficials.

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