R&D&I studies

The unit’s mission is to contribute to the design and development of the city model, with the aim of achieving maximum social and financial performance, and the wish to become a reference for citizens, businesses and the B:SM environment. Thus, with the proposal and promotion of new initiatives, the goal is to improve monitoring, knowledge and participation of the company in developing a more efficient and sustainable Barcelona.

2016 challenges

The challenges we have set ourselves for 2016 are:

Become the tool to control and monitor the scheduling and efficiency of projects carried out at B:SM, with close relations with the Project Committee, via the Projectplace tool.

Convert the services offered by B:SM into a reference to actively listen to citizens and their needs.

Develop actions aimed at improving the security and sustainability of operations at B:SM (flow analyses, security reports, sustainable activity model).

Develop in the rest of the city the Districenter model for urban freight distribution, in line with the success of the pilot test done.

Provide support for implementing projects related to AREA, such as predictive analysis of the occupation of spaces in the Blue Area or the study of data from AreaDUM via agreements with universities.

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