Technical services

Technical Services manages and executes projects, works, the maintenance of services and facilities and other municipal functions that contribute to developing B:SM's mission.

Compliance with the division’s strategic mission involves determining the technical criteria with which these different functions will be executed, from the project through maintenance: manage the definition of needs and requirements to start-up the sequence, promote and run projects, manage the works and standardise the criteria for doing the later maintenance. In short, with the aim of driving forward B:SM's activities as a works developer, according to B:SM's strategy and the City Council's needs and demands, and provide suitable service to citizens in terms of quality, cost and timelines.

2015 achievements

In 2015, the works to remodel the office building on Carrer Calàbria were finished, an event that led to the transfer of corporate divisions and the Parking and Transport divisions to the new headquarters, which was successful both in technical and organisational terms.

Works were also started to implement a computer system to manage maintenance, awarded to the company Idasa Sistemas, SLU and its software Rosmiman.  Finishing implementation is planned for March 2017.

Construction works started on the underground car park at the Menéndez Pelayo Gardens, on Travessera de Dalt. The approval of the plan to redevelop the Menéndez Pelayo Gardens was also processed and the provisional development of Carrer de Maignon (both commissioned by the City Council) via a participative process. The overall investment in the project is €13.9 million. The inspections stemming from the Car Park Structural Inspection Protocol was started for the car parks of Rius i Taulet, Fòrum, Moll de la Fusta, Gaudí, Plaza de les Arts and Barcelona Nord. Finishing these first inspections is planned for the second quarter of 2016, with an approximate cost of €0.1 million. To improve energy efficiency and make parking easier for users, a free space detection system was installed in the Boqueria car park.

At the Barcelona Zoo, a new space was constructed for the orangutans and construction was started for the African savannah space. The works planned to create the new sea mammal space has continued, which will represent an extremely important chance in the conservation of these species at the Zoo. The quarantine space project was completed, obtaining the pertinent authorisations from the Catalan Autonomous Government.

The installation of the new emergency lighting was finished at the Olympic Stadium.

At Park Güell, the works to remodel hygiene services were started. On the other hand, the project to restore Casa Jacquès could not be closed due to difficulties in obtaining the pertinent permits for the competent services of the Barcelona City Council and the Catalan Autonomous Government.

  • The most noteworthy event that marked 2015 was the completion of the remodelling works of the office building on Carrer Calàbria and the transfer of the corporate, car park and transport divisions to the new headquarters, which was a success both technically and organisationally.

    Part of these works that merits mention, due to its criticality and importance, is managing the works to adapt the electrical installation at the offices and adapt the DC (computer systems) for the later installations of the computers and their start-up. The cost was €0.159 million.

2016 challenges

The challenges we plan for 2016 are:

Continue with the works to implement an IT system to manage maintenance (GMAO) and finish the year in the start-up phase.

For the car parks, finish the construction works at the underground car park at the Menéndez Pelayo Gardens, on Travessera de Dalt. Continue monitoring the construction works on the underground car park under the Sant Antoni Market, part of the remodelling works for the market. Also continue with the inspections stemming from the Car Park Structural Inspection Protocol for six car parks.

At the Zoo, continue with the second phase of the works at the African savannah exhibit. Start executing the project for a sea mammal complex and execute the construction of a quarantine space in the veterinary area.

Execute the repair and structural improvement works in the areas under the main track of the Palau Sant Jordi.

Start the remodelling and redevelopment works on Casa Jaqués at Park Güell, as well as starting the works for the Park Güell Action Plan and its surroundings for 2015 and 2016.

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