The Parc d’Atraccions del Tibidabo (PATSA) has a vision to be the happiness theme park and, to achieve it, we want everybody who has relations with us to feel happy, whether they are suppliers, clients or employees.

Our team numbers almost 300 strong, forming a staff in which our main values are: commitment, solidarity, excitement, security and passion for people.

We work under these guiding values to take on the park’s present and future challenges, with projects to follow that make Tibidabo the leading family leisure space in the city of Barcelona, where sustainability, education, solidarity and fun come together to make all visitors' Tibidabo experience unforgettable

  • New attractions

    The new attraction, baptised with the name of Tibicity, was the main new innovation of the season.

    Opened on 29 March, it has become one of the star attractions of the year, receiving a warm welcome by visitors. The new Playful Learning by LEGO Education space also merits mention, offering activities for children from 3 to 12 years old, and the attraction that opened at year end, the laser game Interactibi.


    The supply of educational activities was increased, adding those on the environment, which are addressed to primary school students, as well as those on science and technology for secondary and higher secondary school students mainly.

    Due to the extended park opening hours in August, we increased hiring and gave opportunities both to youths and to people older than 40 so that they could be employed again.


    With regard to shows, the new innovation was the great closing musical show ‘Around the World with Geronimo Stilton’, which gave continuity to the big parade ‘Geronimo Stilton, in the Kingdom of Fantasy’, which was performed exclusively at the park during the summertime. The renewal of the closing shows continued, and different shows were presented suitable for the time of year offering a large variety.

    With regard to films in the 4D cinema Dididado, launches this year were: Happy Feet, Looney Tunes and Rio. As a Christmas season film, Polar Express was screened, with the adventures of a boy who travels by train to the North Pole.

    The ‘Animated Animals’ show continued by the company Herta Frankel and, in October, we celebrated the 5th Tibidabo Puppet Show, which let visitors enjoy performances by different companies on the weekends of this month using different puppeteering techniques.




    682.939 visitors in 2015
    a 10,38% year on year increase


With regard to the park’s restaurant service, numerous actions were done with the aim of increasing customer satisfaction, diversifying the offering and increasing internal consumption.

Collaboration continued with the renowned Alícia Foundation for healthy eating, working jointly with this foundation to design the new offering at the Aeroport food centre. Under the slogan ‘Eat healthy, eat fun’, the park is contributing to education on healthy eating habits for the entire family.

In addition, in October we held ‘Food month at Tibidabo’ and, every weekend, well-known chefs from the Alícia Foundation gave healthy eating workshops at Tibidabo’s facilities.

A new feature was the opening of the Cafeteria Somnis, with a wide selection of sandwiches, coffees, teas, juices and smoothies, an offering that changes depending on the season. La Masia del Tibidabo restaurant also presented a new menu with tapas, salads and sandwiches.

2016 challenges

The challenges we plan for 2016 are:

Strengthen the number of visitors achieved in 2015, guaranteeing and increasing the customer satisfaction index.

Increase the number of members by 22,500 families, thus adapting to the new park capacity owing to the increased number of opening days and the supply.

Environmental improvements. Increase the recycling of solid urban wastes at the park and reduce water and electricity consumption compared to 2015.

Solidarity. Publicise, promote and make everyone participate in Tibidabo’s charity side, the park for everyone.

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