Responsible purchases & procurement

At B:SM we have been working for several years with the vision of contributing to attaining a better society by recognising our social responsibility. We add environmental clauses and social criteria to the tenders in which they can be applied. Consolidating the application of CSR concepts via purchases and tenders is a challenge for the Legal Advisory Services, Procurement and Purchases and CSR Department.

Social reserve

On an annual basis, the City Council establishes an amount that must be awarded via the social reserve. The contracts eligible for the social reserve may be works and services for the conservation of immovable property, social services, courier services, correspondence and distribution, graphic arts, cleaning and dry cleaning, restoration and waste collection and transport, auxiliary services and supplies or any other under contract that is suitable for the application of the reserve. In line with this, these groups merit special attention: 

At B:SM, we have a commitment to fostering social objectives in contracting and we have implemented them year after year. The breakdown by contract type was:

Throughout 2015, new suppliers were added through tenders. Of the total tenders, 12 suppliers were examined in accordance with criteria related to social impact. This represents 8.66% of the total spending awarded via tenders.

You can view further information on new adjudications with social impact criteria here.


GRI References: G4-SO9

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