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Parc del Fòrum. Parc dels Auditoris. Uses.

With a surface area of 12,000 m², the Parc dels Auditoris is a large open-air space, divided into two auditoriums of diferent capacities and a walk that unites them in the open air and besides the sea. 

Grand Auditorium: With a surface area of 4.950 m², the Grand Auditorium is a natural setting for large open-air concerts at Parc del Fòrum.Banquets, fairs and all types of events can also make use of its grandstands with total capacity up to 3.500 people.

Small auditorium: With a surface area of 1,450 m² and fixed levels with a capacity for 1.500 people, the Small Auditorium is a pleasant and welcoming space for smaller open-air events.

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