La contaminació atmosfèrica augmentarà la tarifa d’AREA Blava i AREA Verda per a no residents

Mentre durin els episodis de contaminació atmosfèrica per diòxid de nitrogen N02

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Autumn has come to the Tibidabo, with new features and proposals for the whole family

Marionettes are the stars every weekend in October with the 7th edition of the...

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Tibidabo hosts the Big Heart Festival, supporting people with congenital heart defects

The 23rd edition of the Big Heart Festival is here and all profits from the...

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B:SM hosts steering committee meeting for the LIVE platform

The work being done in the area of electro-mobility at B:SM was presented, along...

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We highlight

Five Finger Death Punch + In Flames + Of Mice & Men

Five Finger Death Punch’s next show will be held at the Sant Jordi Club on December 12th, 2017.

Sant Jordi Club

Superprestigio Dirt Track

Superprestigio Dirt Track’s next show will be held at the Palau Sant Jordi on December 16th, 2017.

Palau Sant Jordi

Franco de Vita “Libre Tour”

Franco de Vita “Libre Tour”’s next show will be held at the Sant Jordi Club on December 16th 2017.

Sant Jordi Club

Antonio Orozco "Destino"

Antonio Orozco’s next show will be held at the Sant Jordi Club on December 21th, 2017.

Sant Jordi Club
  • The new version of the BCN Serveis magazine is now available

    Issue nº 38 of the BCN Serveis magazine - B:SM's corporate magazine - is now available. This is an interactive magazine that not only combines texts and images but also includes other elements with videos and links etc.

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