Primera reunió de la Comissió de Seguiment del Port Olímpic amb la gestió plenament municipal

B:SM durà a terme la gestió, explotació, manteniment integral, adequació i...

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Information sessions on mooring at the Olympic Port

Information sessions are to start this March on the new mooring offers available...

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The Palau Sant Jordi is to host the Tech Spirit Barcelona closing event featuring Primavera Sound

The final act of this initiative will be a networking dinner organised by...

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A new baby giraffe has been born in Barcelona Zoo

This new birth bears testimony to Barcelona Zoo’s commitment to the conservation...

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Fòrum was turned into a STEAM experimental centre for over 2,000 compulsory secondary education and sixth-form pupils

The students were able to experiment with different activities and acquire...

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We highlight

Park Güell & Barcelona

Itinerary that follows the building process and creation of Park Güell. Itinerary Info here:...

Park Güell

Unirun Race

Parc del Fòrum hosts 'La Cursa Unirun', the university race with a distance of 6,779 meters

Parc del Fòrum

Disney on Ice

Disney friends will return with "100 years of magic"

March 5 to 8 at the Palau Sant Jordi 2020

Palau Sant Jordi

Disney on Ice

Disney On Ice “100 años de magia”

Palau Sant Jordi
  • The new version of the BCN Serveis magazine is now available

    Issue nº 39 of the BCN Serveis magazine - B:SM's corporate magazine - is now available. This is an interactive magazine that not only combines texts and images but also includes other elements with videos and links etc.

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