For Suppliers

This access point will provide users with detailed information on their invoices in a fast and flexible way, whenever they need it (24 hours a day, 7 days a week).

Users may monitor in greater detail the due-dates and payments of their invoices and export them in Excel format.

The Suppliers Portal offers users tools for bringing even greater efficiency to their commercial relations with B:SM. 

How to request access to the portal:

To request access, you will need to phone 934 092 271 and ask for the Purchasing Management or sending an email to proveedores[at]bsmsa[dot]cat.
The Purchasing Management will post you your access key.

Invoice receipt in PDF:

Only PDF-format invoices and one PDF per invoice are accepted. This email address is only used for sending invoices.

For any other document you need to send, use the email address of the Purchasing Management's staff.

Email address for sending invoices: facturabsm[at]bsmsa[dot]cat
The subject line must include one of the following words: FACTURA, FACTURES, INVOICE

The email may contain more than one invoice providing each is attached as a separate PDF.

Invoice processing:

The date of the PDF-format invoices' receipt will be the one entered in our IT system.
Invoices sent by post shall be deemed to be received by B:SM when they reach the Purchasing Management
Department. From that point on, the invoice shall start being processed.

Mandatory requirements:

The official request must have been received by email before the invoice may be sent.
No invoices may be sent for unfinished work or undelivered goods.
The contractors' and subcontractors' certification must be produced where so requested by email.

Invoice status:

The status you may find your invoices in within our system may be any of the following:

Received FInvoice received but not processed
Rejected Invoice returned (owing to problems in the invoice)
Pending approval Not approved by the purchasing manager
Pending payment  Pending sending to confirming
Pending certificate Approved, payment may not be made owing to lack of tax-office certificate
Sent to confirming Sent to the bank for paying on the corresponding due date
Paid in advance Paid in advance
Paid  Paid

Invoice return:

Where invoices have to be returned, they are sent, stating the reason for their return, to the same email address they were sent from.
Where hard copy invoices are received, information will be sent by email and post.

Invoice payment:

Hard copy invoices shall be paid within 30 days as from the date of their receipt in B:SM offices
Barcelona de Serveis Municipals, S.A.
Purchasing Department
Calàbria 66, 5ª planta
08015 Barcelona

Invoices received in PDF shall be paid within 30 days as from their date of receipt in our IT system.

Once the invoice has been processed in B:SM, it will then be sent to the bank so that it can be discounted before its payment is due.
Every week B:SM will send the bank invoices that have not yet been processed.

The payment date of the invoices will always fall on a Friday; where that date is a public holiday, it will be moved back to the previous working day.